international Centre for Asset Management, Insurance and Risk Management

The Summer Workshop


Location: Schloss Reisensburg

                 Bavaria, Germany

Date: August 25 - September 3


Application Process


The iCAIR Program

The Summer Research Program

A Superb opportunity for students with a background in mathematical finance and insurance.The International Centre for Asset Management, Insurance and Risk Management (iCAIR) invites master's and doctoral students with quantitative backgrounds and an interest in finance and insurance to join the iCAIR summer research workshop.

iCAIR is an international, multi-university research program with a focus on financial mathematics and insurance. Academic activities including workshops, soft skills training, research projects and internship programs allow iCAIR to prepare quantitatively-oriented students for a professional career in the financial industry and academia.

The one-year research program invites qualified master's students to become junior fellows and PhD students to become senior fellows in iCAIR. The program offers an opportunity to work on an international research project in close collaboration with renowned professionals from academia and industry.

Students apply advanced theoretical concepts to address critical problems in industry; this experience will enable students to bridge the gap between learning and practice. An optional 3-month internship and intensive soft-skills training component further enhance the program experience. Students will be equipped with the skills that will help to accelerate their pursuit of a career in financial mathematics or insurance.

A distinctive component of iCAIR is tthe research workshop. This is a yearly event held for one week in the summer. The workshop provides students with the foundations for success. Team building activities, presentation skills, courses, and seminars all given by well-known experts.

In addition, workshops provide academic preparation in research ethics and project management and students will present a researech project. In the last part of the workshop, industry experts will introduce different financial and insurance companies as potential partners for the internship program and their future employment.

Application deadline: May 13th